Sometimes you just need to ask someone a question – here’s how!

This list of contacts is aimed at non-members, our subscribed members have access to a list of named contacts for all the services NTTC provides.

If you are having trouble using the email links below then please use the contact form which is also on this page. 

If you have a question about how to apply, how to pay, or anything at all related to being a member of NTTC, then mail our membership secretary



If your query is about this website, or a mail you received from NTTC, then our webmaster is your best contact.



If you have a general query about NTTC please get in touch with our chair.



Everyone who parents or cares for twins in or around Nottinghamshire is welcome to join our Facebook Group. 

We carefully restrict the number of “corporate” adverts in this closed group, so it’s a great place to ask questions, give or seek advice, share cute family photos, get support from those who have already been-there-done-that and buy & sell pre-loved baby goods. Even if you’re not a regular Facebook user, it’s worth creating an account and becoming part of this group, which is now approaching nearly 600 members!