For 40 years NTTC has been supporting the families and carers of multiples around Nottinghamshire.

The club was founded in 1978 by a local mum and has since gone from strength to strength. We now have approximately 100 families as members who live in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicistershire.

We are a registered club with the Twins trust, which is the national co-ordinating association of Twins Clubs.Twins trust

We are also a UK registered charity, number 1107090.

We are run entirely by a committee of parent volunteers. Between us we have multiples ranging in age from toddler to adult, so we know what it’s like to plan for multiples, and parent them through the sleepless nights of childhood to the, well, sleepless nights of the teenage years and beyond!

Our aims:

  • Firstly to give moral support to parents of multiple births, both before and after their babies are born, right through to young adulthood.
  • It is often in the first few months after the birth that help and advice is most needed. We do try to concentrate our efforts on providing information, personal visits to local maternity hospitals and support to all families.
  • To promote public, commercial and medical awareness of the problems associated with multiple births.
  • Finally, to raise funds to help promote the club and further its aims.